Defibtech Defibrillator Value Package

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Defibtech Defibrillator Value Package


1 X Defibtech Lifeline AED with 7 year battery life
FREE Soft Carry Case worth $135.64 +GST
FREE Rescue Kit worth $44.10 +GST
FREE Pediatric Pads worth $187.43 + GST
FREE Wall mount bracket worth $104.74 + GST
FREE 2 way AED wall sign worth $26.87 + GST
FREE Facility Sticker worth $3.58 + GST

Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery with 7 year standby life
1 pair adult electrode pads
Quick use card
User manual

The Lifeline AED is semi automatic and delivers a non escalating bi-phasic wave shock of 150 Joules (Impedence compensated). It is the original award-winning Defibtech AED, easy to use with only 2 buttons and the only 7 year battery available in the world.

The Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery will deliver up to 300 shocks or 16 hours of continuous operation (7 year standby life).

The Lifeline AED performs automatic daily, weekly and monthly circuitry tests, system integrity tests are performed upon inserting the battery. Results are displayed in a brightly lit LED status indicator.

Built for military standards, the Lifeline AED has high ratings for dust and water protection and is drop proof to 1.2m.

All Defibtech units are software driven so future updates to guidelines can be conducted in the field with a data card.


Warranty – 8 years
DUST & WATER -(IP Rating) -54
Weight – 2kg
Mode – Semi-automatic
ECG -no
Energy Delivery -fixed
Manual Override -no
Electrode Pad Life -2 years
Memory up to -12 hours
Battery Standby Life -7 years

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